About Us

What is #Boymomhustle?


Two boymoms who had the drive to do more, including starting their own businesses, all while trying to be a Mom! With both of them having different lives as parents, they figured that by helping other Moms and Dads get through their day to day routine much easier, was the smart way to get more involved.  We want our parents to share their stories because no matter your marital status, we're all parents doing the same exact thing however some just do it the hard way.  Just because we're boymoms, doesn't mean we don't love the girls too - we just haven't experienced that part of this roller coaster called Parenthood yet!  Welcome to the BOYMOMHUSTLE Podcast Family- who's ready for wine?! 



Kiana is a Solo Boymom of a 3 year old boy named Dash. She attended North Carolina State University with her Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration and Marketing concentration. She is a huge fan of the Steelers and College Football as she was born in Atlanta, GA but has traveled cross country, twice (literally) and has lived in many of the southeastern states.  Kiana created BOYMOMHUSTLE, when she realized she was ready to be her own boss and create a non-judgement zone to help other parents, including herself, have an easier day.  As a Solo Mom she is a firm believer in family and with her love for wanting to help others and kids, there was no other option than to bring this podcast to life. 



Jenn is a Married Boymom of a 6 year old named Nate. She is a Powerlifter, Runner, Certified personal trainer through NASM and Girls Gone Strong. Born & Raised in Connecticut, Jenn is currently working on multiple businesses and hopes to really make a difference in Women & Mom's alike. She envisions being able to reach more women to help them achieve their beautiful. She also believes you should love who you are regardless of what anyone else thinks and she's  an avid believer that your positive physical self opinion, is the only one that matters.